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Win Tickets to see Laurie Berkner at the State Theatre!

What do Laini, Carrie, and Laurie Berkner have in common?

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Yes, we all have curly hair. And yes, all three of us went to Rutgers. But only one of us is a well-regarded folksinger who writes catchy music for kids that doesn’t talk down to them.

We’ve been given two free tickets to give away to  The Laurie Berkner Band‘s concert at the State Theatre this Saturday, April 9, at 2pm. You could spend $35 per ticket (except babies under one get in for free provided you call and let the box office know) but now you don’t have to—if you’re one of our lucky winners.  The band’s been together for over ten years; they were the sort of the house band for Nick Jr., appearing in nearly every episode of the puppet-driven Jack’s Big Music Show (which my music-loving kids, well, love.) It’s an afternoon show, so you don’t have to take the wee ones out during bedtime. Berkner knows her audience: she used to be a preschool music teacher. And most importantly, because kids aren’t going to drive themselves to these shows, unattended, the music is more than tolerable for parents, too—it does not talk down to kids.

The premise of the show is a birthday party, so kids are invited to bring a favorite hat and celebrate. The band is also collecting gently used or new children’s shoes to donate to Soles4Souls, an organization that provides footwear to people in need in 125 countries.

What do you have to do? Well, get creative; this is music and April is National Poetry Month, after all. How about writing us a poem in the comment field made out of Laurie Berkner song titles? Or how about an ode to her colorful personality and fashion sense? Or a poem of some sort, convincing us why you, or your child, or both, are the biggest Laurie Berkner fans? You have until 11:59pm on Wednesday, April 6, to give us your comment. We will choose our favorite comment and will announce the winner on the web site on Thursday, April 7, no later than 12pm noon.

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Your poem doesn’t need to be anything fancy, just have fun with it. That’s what this is all about. To get us started, I’ll write one here (but I won’t give myself the tickets, I promise 🙂

Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
Laurie Berkner has awesome red curly hair,
And I do, too!


Victor Vito and Freddie Vasco
loved to eat tasty avacado
The ordered the monster down at Sogo
also had some sushi and got it to go go

They had a song in their tummy
and wanted to get their fill
So they had their mummy
take them to the State Theatre grill

For dessert, the world’s best ice cream cone
down to the Purple cow creamery we must go
Victor and Freddie let out a satisfied moan
then stopped by Laini’s for a quick hello!

They saw two bumblebees fly away
saying buzz buzz buzz its a special day
We’re off to see the Laurie Berkner Band
Can you imagine a day more grand??


Laurie is one Hot Commo-di-ty.
Her music makes me want to be Mister Chimpanzee.
I’d swing by a Shady Tree with a Song in my Tum-my
And show off all My Energy.

Laurie Berkner- Who’s that?
She doesn’t wear This Hat.
In her Little Red Caboose she wears frog Boots
And Blows a Kiss from the Moon, Moon, Moon.

Is she one of The Dinosaurs
Who goes to The Pretzel Store?
She’s Just Like the Sun on a Rocketship Run.
I can’t wait to have some fun!!!

Can You Imagine? Smile! Mahalo, Laini and Carrie!


It’s naptime, but instead of sleep
We’re off to Laurie Berkner where we will keep
Time and rhythm and dance in our seat
We love Laurie, we love the beat.

It’s naptime, but we don’t care
We’re off to Laurie Birkner at the State Theatre
Mom and Dad can’t come along
They’re going to a wedding while we sing a song

With Laurie!
Laurie and the Band
With Laurie!
All clap your hands
It’s Laurie!

It’s naptime, and the organizers
Will learn that 2 PM is the time for snores
When cranky excited toddlers crowd into see
A band instead of sleep?! At least the tickets were free!

With Laurie!
Laurie and the Band
With Laurie!
All clap your hands
It’s Laurie!

There once was a girl from Nantucket,
who had a Laini’s Little Guide in her Pocket,
She traveled to Easton,
for only one reason,
To go the the Easton Farmers Market !!!!!


Laurie is so cool
She stayed in school
Now she is number 1
because she is tons of fun

Mom and dad like her too
for they will not boo at her shoes
Her songs are fun for all
it is time for us to have a Ball

To her show we want to go
my little one like to sing hey ho lets go.


And we have a winner! For creating an ode to Laurie Berkner and creatively incorporating her song titles, the tickets will go to Julia Swart! Congratulations, Julia! Please email me at to find out how/where to pick up your tickets.


very nice contest lani…congrats to julia….these were all fun to read…have fun at the show…wish i could go but i was much much too slow! : ) zink


Wow! Yay! My girls will be so excited. We’ve been listening to Laurie for years. Thank you so much!

WOW!!! These are SO great!!!


Ah, you bring back such fond mrieemos. I remember trying so hard to get Little M to speak, buying videos, repeatedly pointing everything within reach. Now, I have to laugh, ‘cuz when you finally get your wish it is unceasing. Now, Little M talks up a storm, half the time I zone her out. But, in the end, I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

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