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Where’s This Door? — Wordless Wednesday

New game here. Can you guess which Easton neighborhood is home to this door?

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By laini Abraham


Easton Doors #1, Doors of Easton, Easton Neighborhoods, Neighborhoods of Easton

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3 Responses


The corner of South 5th and Ferry


Yes, Brian! Sorry I’m just responding to this. I just saw it. How did you know? Do you live around there?


I actually love how they are redoing that house, its been a long time coming. I have owned many houses in the historical district(still do own a few). I owned 123 S 5th, a couple doors up. It won a merit award a couple years ago, about 6 months after I renovated it and sold it. I put the only open flame gas lamp in Easton on the front porch. Its so beautiful but the new owners, second since I sold, never have it lit….

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