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The Music the Musicians and Music Aficionados are Looking Forward to Seeing Most at Musikfest 2011

Not sure who to see at Musikfest this year? Well, here are some great tips to get you started.

By Steven Capwell

Every August the fine people at ArtsQuest bring the best musicians and an incredible variety of musical styles to Bethlehem for all of us to enjoy at Musikfest. We were interested in finding out who members of the Lehigh Valley’s music and arts scenes are excited about seeing over the next ten days of Musikfest 2011. So we asked. And they responded. Here’s what they said. Consider this your guide to some pretty amazing live music. Thank you to everyone who responded. You guys rock! Literally.

Maxx Foxx – WDIY interviewer and Programmer, Artist and Borzoi fancier

“The two acts that I am looking forward to are Ana Popovic (Aug.10, 9 PM, Levitt Pavilion), a Serbian blues singer, which pretty much says it all, and Brother Josephus and The Love Revival Revolution Orchestra (Aug. 12, 9 PM, Volksplatz) for New Orleans R&B and salvation.”

Ramona LaBarre – Godfrey Daniels Stallwart Boardmemeber and Volunteer

Yarn. (Aug. 14, 5 PM, Liederplatz) A fantastic Americana Band from Brooklyn, N.Y. Blake Christina and pals have developed into an award-winning national touring act.”

Audrey Kopecky and Lynn Rogers – One ground-breaking women’s music radio host plus one ACCO – A Chorus Celebrating Women singer equals two enthusiastic Musikfest patrons

“Our can’t-miss-picks are Sweetback Sisters (Aug. 9, 9 PM, Liederplatz) who play and harmonize great cowboy and cowgirl songs, and Bethlehem’s Great White Caps (Aug. 6, 6 PM, Plaza Tropical) for a dose of great surf.”

Kate Reiss – WDIY Music Director and Host of Saturday night’s Good Clean Fun

“Of course, Los Straitjackets (Aug 7, 9 PM, Levitt Pavilion & Aug. 8, 9 PM, Volksplatz), Tavern Tan (Aug. 10, 7:30 PM, Main Street) for their eclectic Americana, and Bethlehem’s Pop/Rock champs, Sandlot Heroes (Aug. 5, 7:30, Plaza Tropical).”

George Hrab – Philadelphia Funk Authoritarian

“I’m looking forward to seeing Start Making Sense, (Aug 13, 9 PM, Volksplatz) our local Talking Heads tribute band. They always put on a fantastically accurate and happening show. I can’t help but dance like a maniac and sing along.”

Alex Fydryszewski – WGPA Programmer, Polka scholar and heart throb

“The Jimmy Sturr Orchestra (Aug. 6, 3:30 PM, Festplatz) are the gold standard of Polka music. Jimmy Sturr has won so many Grammys (18), that they retired the category.”

Mary Radakovich – Owner of Bethlehem’s Compact Disc Center, Host of WLVR’s Rockin’ with Radak on Wednesday evenings at 6 PM, Patroness of Garage and Twang

“Who else but Black Joe Lewis? (Aug. 8, 7 PM, Musikfest Café). I bought my ticket the day they went on sale.”

Jonathan Fadem – Private Music Teacher, Musician with Start Making Sense, Paul Thiessen, Post Junction, Family Circus Trio and also a solo artist. (Jon performs almost every night at Musikfest 2011!)

“I am very excited about going to see Al DiMeola at Musikfest Café (Aug. 7, 7 PM). He is one of my favorite artists—technically, just an amazing musician!”

Loly Reynolds – Assistant Manager of the Downtown Bethlehem Association, Musician, Promoter of all-things-Bethlehem

Steely Dan! (Aug. 10, 7 PM, Sands Steel Stage). They are on my musical “Bucket List” . . . aside from the many wonderful local bands we know and love such as Great White Caps, Start Making Sense, Trouble City All-Stars (Aug. 10, 6:30, 8:30, 11 PM, Air Products Town Square), and Cabinet (Aug. 7, 9 PM, Liederplatz). I am really excited about Entrain from Massachusetts (Aug. 14, 9 PM, Levitt Pavilion) and Black Joe Lewis and The Honeybears. Oh! And I can not forget about The Blues Brotherhood!!! (Aug.6, 9 PM, Levitt Pavilion). Love them!”

Martha Capwell – WGPA Swingin’ Along feature, Octogenarian bon vivant, mother of a talented-ish son

“The Arrogant Worms (Aug.7, 4:30 PM, Plaza Tropical and Aug. 8, 9 PM, Liederplatz). With songs like “Jesus’ Brother Bob,” “Canada’s Really Big” and “I Pulled My Groin”, they are the funniest thing from Canada since Bob and Doug MacKenzie!”

Laini Abraham – Publisher and Creative Director of Laini’s Little Pocket Guides, photographer and Valley Girl

“My picks would be Black Joe Lewis and Start Making Sense. Black Joe Lewis because all the girls seem to be pretty excited about him (and I love the Musikfest Café!). Start Making Sense because as many times as I’ve seen them—and you can never see them too many times—I’ve never seen them in the great outdoors. I think David Byrne would approve.”

To see Musikfest’s full lineup, just click here. Have an awesome time!

Steven Capwell is a Programmer at WGPA and WLVR and a member of Hurry Down Sunshine. He’ll be seeing most of the above, as well as The Philadelphia Funk Authority (Aug.13, 8:30 PM, Festplatz). But mainly, he goes for the Polka.