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Wordless Wednesday – April 18, 2012

Some people think it’s scary to walk around towns at night. Maybe they just need little inspiration.

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Where’s This Door? — Wordless Wednesday

New game here. Can you guess which Easton neighborhood is home to this door?

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Wordless Wednesday — Autumn on the Lehigh River

Autumn on the Lehigh River. Photo taken just above the Forks of the Delaware and Lehigh Rivers in Easton, PA. Photo by laini Abraham.

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Lehigh Valley Photo Love (Previously Wordless Wednesday)

Wordless Wednesday is getting a new name! Welcome to Lehigh Valley Photo Love, at least for now.

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Wordless Wednesday – March 23, 2011, Part 2

So when was the last time you think this was functional? Were those real prices or was it reset? I’ll give a pocket guide to the answer that makes the most sense. I’m looking for a year.

Wordless Wednesday – March 16, 2011

Old and New.

Wordless Wednesday – March 9, 2011

The rivers before the storm.

Wordless Wednesday – March 2, 2011

This signals the beginning of Spring for me. The season of the hibernation can now be over.

Wordless Wednesday – February 23, 2011

So close you can almost smell it.

Wordless Wednesday – January 26, 2011

Just because it’s wordless doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be flavorful.

Wordless Wednesday – January 19, 2011

Can you find the hidden object?

Wordless Wednesday – December 22, 2010

Hello, winter.

Wordless Wednesday – December 15, 2010

Looking Up

Wordless Wednesday: December 8, 2010

Photo by laini. An oldie but goodie. No more words… just Wednesday.

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Wordless Wednesday

Sometimes words are overrated, unnecessary, can even get us in trouble. But, photos… ahhhh, photos. They’re another story. Welcome to Wordless Wednesday, pocket guide-style!