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laini’s list of 9 – July 30, 31 & August 1

Let’s give August a nice warm welcome. And if you don’t live here, this is a great weekend to come visit the Valley. Just get in the car, drive on over, and get a room. Need more info, check out the rest of this website. It’s that easy.

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laini’s list of 9 – July 10 & 11

Hopefully you spent last night and earlier today resting because even though this week’s list only features 2 days… tonight and tomorrow are BIG!

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Take a Walk on the South Side

By Jason Hedrington

For those in the know, Bethlehem’s South Side is not just a great place to see an art show or get a bite to eat – it’s a true community made up of a cast of characters and a shared history that’s hard to absorb after just one visit. But if you’re interested in how the residents of South Side spend their days, and learning more about their unique talents, we recommend stopping by these establishments. These select proprietors are not only great at their day jobs, they help make Bethlehem a unique place to live, work, and relax – all while writing the next chapter of the city’s history.