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Laini’s List of 9 Things To Do This Weekend in the Lehigh Valley

This week we have a new little feature here in laini’s list of 9 – it’s Katie’s Pick. Who’s this Katie? Well, she’s a new member of the laini’s little pocket guide editorial family. She’s multi-talented, a native of the Valley, and a little bit younger (ok, a decade younger) than I am. Even though Katie’s helping me do these lists every week, I’m still picking the events, except for one. That will be Katie’s pick. Hope you all enjoy it and your weekend!

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Welcome to the Jewel Box: A Walking Tour of One of Downtown Easton’s Most Fantastic Neighborhoods

Jewels aren’t limited to jewelry. In downtown Easton, these buildings have witnessed centuries of change and are some of the finest architectural treasures in the country. In a short three block walk, which starts at the Bachmann Tavern and ends at the Circle, you can visit all of these Easton jewels—for free. Pretty priceless.

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Little Walking Tour of Easton

Forget your car, this town was made for walkin’.