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Find Phyllis: She–and her antiques–are in the Alley!

Where’s Phyllis? Who’s Phyllis? What’s the deal with Phyllis? Read on.

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Wander into Nomad . . . and Wander Out in Style

In my first post, “Why I Live Here,” I lamented the dearth of retail–those good, old-fashioned small businesses–in Easton. Welcome to Nomad, a vintage clothing store that does its part to establish a sustainable shopping scene and proves that what goes around comes around.

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Found in the 400 block… of Northampton Street, that is.

Well, there aren’t any swimming pools or movie stars, but there ARE some real treasures. And they’re all legal.

By laini abraham

Vintage Restaurant & Bar

Vintage Restaurant and Bar, located in Easton, combines fresh seasonal cuisine, warm and gracious service, along with the best mountaintop view in the area to create the perfect dining experience. L D WB Bar HH VF NS P OD CO RS $$