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Pomeroy Update: Look Ma—No Fence!

The barricade in front of the Pomeroy Building construction has been removed. The sidewalk is now open!

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The Pomeroy Building in Easton: The View from Inside

This building probably hasn’t looked this good in about 40 years. Little Pocket Guide has a first look inside.

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And Then There Was Light: The Debut of Interior Electricity at the Pomeroy Building

Someone could be sleeping there soon. How cool is that?

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Pomeroy Building Update – May 18, 2011, Easton PA, Lehigh Valley PA

Just when you think the world can’t get much smaller, it goes and proves you wrong. Well, me wrong, at least.

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Pomeroy Building Monthly Update – March 2011

Look Ma! No windows!

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Signs of Life: the Construction at the Pomeroy Building in Easton

Yeah, it’s just a building. But it’s a building which hasn’t been occupied in almost 40 years. So I thought this might be worth seeing.

Wordless Wednesday – December 15, 2010

Looking Up