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Five Cool Reasons to Think Outside the Big Box

Now that the holiday season is underway and people are being bombarded with offers for savings and incentives to shop, shop, shop and spend, spend, spend, we’re going to continue our conversation about shopping locally. We want you to try, this season, to think outside the big box and, when possible, shop locally, sustainably, and responsibly and keep your money out of the big box stores and give it to the small, local, independently-owned stores instead. Here’s why.

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A Local Lesson

In our quest to source as much as possible from local farms, we offer another option: Reeder Farms

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Digging and Dollars: The Garden is Underway!

By Michael Buck and Michelle Pittman

After two trips to Home Depot, a few hours of labor and a walk through the neighborhood scouring for supplies, our cold weather garden is ready to roll.

Easton Farmers’ Market

Experience America’s oldest open-air market located in the heart of Easton. Thirty vendors featuring locally-grown produce, gourmet foods, fine crafts and more. Plus live music and monthly festivals!