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Vice President Biden to Speak at Lafayette April 25

I don’t usually post straight from a press release, but for this, I will. Get ready, everyone —Vice President Biden’s coming to town!

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Laini’s List of 9 Things To Do This Weekend in the Lehigh Valley

Happy Weekend, Lehigh Valley. This is the first list that you can see on a SmartSite, too. Just text LLPG to 55678 and you can see this list anywhere, no computer or paper necessary. You can save the list to your home screen and then easily check back throughout the weekend. How smart is that? Thank you to Don Spencer of Lehigh Valley BrandWorks for creating this for the pocket guides, and you and me.

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Art, Music, Festivals: Summer in Easton

The Art of Urban Environments Festival is possibly one of the the coolest things to ever appear on the streets of Easton. At least in my lifetime.

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Five Cool Places for Live Music

Looking for a new place for some good music? We present five cool ones to you–some you may know, some not.

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Why I Live Here

By Carrie Havranek

A happy accident brought me to Easton. That happy accident’s name is John O’Keefe. Perhaps you’ve heard of him. He periodically threatens to run for mayor, but mostly he loves Easton as much as I do and even researched it for his thesis at Lafayette College. But I digress before I even start.

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Lafayette College

Founded by the Citizens of Easton in 1826