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Sewer Covers of the Lehigh Valley: It’s Time For Your Close Up

You’re heard of the “Doors of X” posters? Well, who knows, maybe one day we’ll make a “Sewer Covers of Easton or the Lehigh Valley” poster. Get your cameras ready.

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By Laini Abraham

Inspired by a conversation with Easton’s modern-day pioneer, the beloved late Robin Porter, I’ve decided to start photographing these little metal things all over the streets. You see, it seems there are more varieties of them than I ever realized. But Robin recognized this and planted that little seed in my head when last summer he told me “Laini, you should photograph them.” So I’m going to.

But I don’t want to stop there. I’d love for you to do it, too! I’d like to know how many varieties of these little metal circles there are in the Lehigh Valley. Some apparently have their foundry name on them, some have city names, others simple say “WATER.”

So the next time you’re out walking around, check out your friendly neighborhood sewer covers. And if you’re so inclined, take a picture. Nothing fancy, you can use your phone. That’s what I do. And then just email it to me and I’ll gather all of them together and find out their backstories. You’ll be amazed how they’re everywhere, and like me wonder how you missed them all of these years.

Who knows, maybe if we get enough together, I can make a little book of them. 🙂

Bulls Eye Sewer Cover on Sitgreaves St. in Downtown Easton | Lehigh Valley PA

You can send your water sewer photos to me at I think this will be a wonderful community project. And I think Robin would have liked it.

The sewer cover in this photo is on the Sitgreaves Alley in downtown Easton. Bull’s Eye is the name of the building where it is next too.


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4 Responses


One more thing, when you send me a photo, please also include the location of the sewer cover. No model releases necessary!


Laini — I just emailed you a shot of a gutter drain. It’s not a cover, per se. But it’s cool because there’s a fish on it and a command about not dumping waste down the drain. Found on Lehigh U’s campus. I’ll look for bona fide sewer covers in the next few days/weeks.

Love this project already!


Thank you, Kathy! I’m so glad you’re going to be a part of it.

Also, contributors can feel free to post photos directly on my facebook wall. Or email to Either one is fine. Just make sure to include your name and the object’s location.


I love this idea. I remember seeing all those covers. This just brings me back to Easton. Some day maybe I will make it back.

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