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Pomeroy Building Update – May 18, 2011, Easton PA, Lehigh Valley PA

Just when you think the world can’t get much smaller, it goes and proves you wrong. Well, me wrong, at least.

By Laini Abraham

So, this first part I need to tell you in the spirit of full disclosure. Last week the building where my office has been for the last 7 years was sold. Koehler Kheel Realty sold the National Building to VM Development Group, LLC. Who is this VM Development Group? Well, they’re owned by Mark Mulligan and Bill Vogt, of Flemington, NJ. Last week I got to meet them when they stopped by my office to introduce themselves. They asked “Where’s your latest update on the Pomeroy Building construction?” Impressed as I was that they knew about this little series, I also knew why they knew. They own the Pomeroy Building, as well.

The good news is they are very happy to let me take a tour of the inside (hopefully happening soon). The bad news – well, if I write anything critical about the progress of the Pomeroy project, I run the risk of angering my new landlords. Small world, right? Hopefully, I won’t need to do that. So far so good. Windows on the first floor are in. Tall fencing barrier has been removed. Electricity appears to be running inside. There is LIGHT!

Pomeroy Building Construction in Easton, PA | Lehigh Valley PA

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