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The Pomeroy Building in Easton: The View from Inside

This building probably hasn’t looked this good in about 40 years. Little Pocket Guide has a first look inside.

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Pomeroy Building Inside Easton PA Bathrooms

At left: view of a bathroom in a one-bedroom apartment. At right: The vanity in a master bathroom. I love these!

Photos by Laini Abraham


As anyone who’s been following along knows, we’ve been doing a series of updates here showing the progress of the construction of the Pomeroy Building in the 300 block of Northampton St. in Easton. Over the past six years, this building has gone from a gutted, cavernous shell, to what you are about to see. When it’s finished, it will offer 22 brand new one- and two-bedroom apartments, a restaurant (a French Brasserie called Maxim 22 coming to us from the owners of Sette Luna) and some other very exciting—but confidential at present time—businesses. This is the first time I’ve been in the building in about six years. The last time I was there, there were no floors and no staircases; there was definitely no elevator, no windows and very few walls. The only things you will see in these photos that are original to the building, other than the exterior walls, are the black support beams that run through the building.

Thanks to Mark Mulligan of VM Development Group for taking me on this tour and allowing me to be the first person to photograph the interior progress. In the spirit of full disclosure, Mark is also the landlord of the building where my office is, the National Building at 400 Northampton St., also in Easton.

There’s currently a waiting list for these apartments. If you’re interested, I’ll be posting a contact number a little later. There’s no better time to be living downtown.

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Pomeroy Building Easton PA Exterior

Exterior view of the Pomeroy Building, 300 block of Northampton St., Easton PA


Pomeroy Building Easton, Maxim 22, owned by Josh Palmer of Sette Luna

The view of what will be Maxim 22, a new French restaurant from the owners of Sette Luna.


Pomeroy Building in Easton, Maxim 22 French Restaurant

The view of the Maxim 22 space looking from the back toward the front. (Northampton St.)


Pomeroy Building Redevelopment Easton PA, Apartments

Looking down the front hallway, which divides the left and right sections of the building.


Apartment in the Pomeroy Building in Easton PA

The view from one of the apartments looking out to Northampton St. The shape of the original windows has been preserved.


Pomeroy Building in Easton PA apartments and elevator

Left: View down a hallway to three apartments. Right: Elevator!

Two-Bedroom Apartment in the Pomeroy Building in Easton PA

The kitchen & view to the hall in a 2-bedroom apartment. The closet at left is for the washer & dryer.


Windows in the Pomeroy Building looking out to Bank St. and the Bank St. Annex, Easton

Windows in the Pomeroy Building looking out to Bank St. and the Bank St. Annex.


Front door of the Pomeroy Building, Easton PA.

Until next time: The view looking out the front doors to Northampton St

If you know someone who’d like to see this photos, please share it with them. Just click on one of the little buttons at the top or bottom of this post. It’s super easy and always appreciated. We want to know something, too: What is the most exciting thing about seeing this building get a new life? Please share.

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12 Responses


Looks great Lainers! Now, tell me, did they get that stench from the hair salon out? As a kid, I still remember that horrid scent of women getting their “perms”. It would hit you once you got near the top of the elevator! haha


LOL! Thanks, Bill. And yes, I’m happy to report that there is NO SMELL of women getting perms. The perm smell has left the building.


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What is the square footage of the apartments? Any idea on the monthly rent?


Yes, Rick. The one-bedrooms are approx. 650 sq. ft. and will rent for $850/month + utilities. the 2-bedrooms are about 1100 sq. ft. and will go for about $1200/month + utilities. I’ll post a contact number when I have it.

Also, I don’t think all the units are taken, but there is a list for people who are interested, not a “waiting list.” Sorry for any confusion there.


Laini do you know if they will allow dogs? or even just small ones?? Also any way you can get my info to the owner? I’m interested!


Your Comments I wonder if anyone has any photos of the interior when Pomeroy’s was in it’s hay day? We used to shop there all the time. We also ate at the snack bar on the 2nd floor.


It is so inspiring to see the old buildings of Easton being restored/renovated… is hopped at Pomeroy’s in the 50’s and 60’s. Great dept store!
My Mother worked at Pomeroy’s back i n the early 30’s (It was Laubach’s then) and absolutely loved her job. She is smiling down on all of you, I am sure.

[…] The Pomeroy Building in Easton: The View from Inside […]


I would love to see the inside of the old Pomroy’s-Laubach store. I think I am mixing the layout with Orr’s. I do remember way in the back of Laubach’s, 1st flr, there was steps and a large stage-like landing. They had some kind of a celebration which ended with prizes being given away. A friend and I sat on these steps and one of us won a prize, but can’t remember what it was. I think the cosmetic dept was to the right when entering the store. I also remember the shoe dept at the bottom of the “skinny” escalator. My Mother worked in the office when it was either Laubach’s or William Laubach & Son. One of the people she worked for was a “Mr. Pottiger”. She also told me about a lady who worked there named “Olive” who married a man named “Pickel” and so her name became Olive Pickel. Funny, huh?


Your Comments washer and dryer in all units? central air and heat?will you have an open house to show the apts before opening?one bedroom have just shower ? no tub? cant wait to see them and have interest..cant do anything till
january 2013. will there be more apts after these first 22? is the building SMOKEFREE IN THE APTS AND ALLTHE BUILDING SPACES?

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