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Polka (Hot!) Sunday

Some people went to church, some played outside, but I am one lucky girl because I finally got to go to Jolly Joe Timmer’s Grove!

By Laini Abraham

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For months I didn’t even think it existed… the Grove? In Pt. Phillips? or is it Pt. Phillip? I knew about Jolly Joe Timmer, I mean, I live in the Valley, who hasn’t heard of Jolly Joe? He’s the Polka King. Responsible for Fest Platz (and probably indirectly the Chicken Lady), WGPA Sunny 1100 AM (, his Jolly Joe Timmer’s House of Music and about 50 years of polka music and culture in the Valley. But the Grove… Jolly Joe’s Polka Fun Center was something I’d never experienced – until yesterday. Beautiful setting, Walt Wagner’s Polka Serenaders featuring Eddie Derwin, dancing and pierogies! So without further ado, I present the photos. If you need a soundtrack, go here >

Oh, and two points of interest – that chocolate cake is really BIG! It has about 2 cups of sugar in each layer. Total calories… unknown. And if you’re interested in the A-Treat vending machine, it could probably be yours.

Directions to the Grove:
For more information, call 610-866-8074

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Joe Timmer still looks great after all these years. I used to have a polka band IN THE 70’S called “THE HAPPY TIMES” We used to play at the grove alot. Then i played bass for a few different polka band in the 80’S
THE EXPRESS is one .
Now im singing in a dance band called DIRTY BLONDES.
If this gets to Joe tell him SANDE VAJDA and my mom says a big HELLO!


Thanks for your comment, Sande. I’ll try to pass your message along to Joe. Where does your band play?

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hi again, before i had DIRTY BLONDES DANCE BAND. I played in 2 polka bands. The Happy Times, We played at Timmers about once every 2 months. and the “Express” from Jersey City. I remember when Joe was on sunny 1100 he asked me if i wanted a his job , he wanted to retire. But i wasnt ready for that yet.( I didnt know it was gonna be on TV. i knew every polka band in the united states from working with them at all the festivales.. I should have taken the job.

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