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your name is connected with Occupy Easton (as the “queen”) and not in a good way ($$$–you funding it in other’s eyes)—doesn’t reflect too great for those working hard for the 99%-not a good thing!


concernedineaston, I’m a part of Occupy Easton and have been from the very beginning. Laini is certainly not the ‘leader’…we do not in fact have any leaders.
As far as funding, there is no one person or even group of people funding us. To be more clear, pretty much all the stuff we have as a group(water, food, various camp supplies, etc) has been donated from people in the community or were things we individually brought from home.
I hope this helps clear things up.


Concernedineaston….I have no idea where you are getting your information from, but it would be wise not to put much stock in whatever the rumor mill is running these days. No ONE is funding Occupy Easton. No ONE is its “queen”. Everyone is treated as an equal voice, regardless of race, gender, orientation, etc etc etc.


Wow, I have to wonder how her name is connected with Occupy Easton as the “Queen” and she is funding it also. I can tell you first hand you might want to check out the source. We work with minimal funding, usually member provided and what we receive in donations or gifts. Not sure how you feel her association does not not reflect to great for those working hard for the 99%. This woman has pulled her weight and Stood the ground with each of us. I am assuming I have not met you so then I can assume you have not stood with the 99% in Easton. Have you stood with the 99% at all. I have to be honest, your response seems more like a personal attack instead of how you couched it in an almost concern for the 99%. Come and spend a couple hours with us and see what the truth is, base your opinion on what you see first hand and not what is “connected”>


I have been involved with Occupy Easton since the very beginning, and I can assure you that there is no ‘leader’ of the group – not Laini, not anyone.

As far as funding, there is no single source. In fact, there is extremely little actual cash involved. Nearly everything we have (food, signs, water, camping supplies, paperwork, etc) has been donated from people in the community, or is stuff we brought from our own homes.

I hope this clears things up. We’re all equal, we’re all in this together, we’re the 99%.

when you hear rumbling and see several comments on the papers blog- you got to wonder and so do others and bottom line-she looks bad for the 99% out in Easton

Your Comments Concerned. ..you cluelessness is only surpassed by your cruelty, she does contribute her time as do many of us, but shes only a queen in her attitude and beauty, has devoted much time to us, and I’m sure you don’t know anything about us other than your pre-programmed talking points…..come join us forge a new way forward for America , show your love of country, not your disdain for a real American

the “comments” are all over the Express replies for all to see (by several people on different stories) making this connection and the assumption of a leader/$$- perception be it correct or not can be detrimental to the OE and it’s out there in people’s minds already—not good- other’s are talking


Spreading misinformation is irresponsible. And that’s what you’re doing now, Mr. Concerned. Just because something is in an online comment, especially when it’s coupled with personal attacks, doesn’t make it true. And it’s not. Please stop.


Anyone who has any questions or concerns about Occupy Easton can come to any of the General Assemblies that are held several times a week. These are open meetings, open to everyone. There are no leaders. The same people aren’t even at all the meetings and a different person typically leads each meeting. The best way for you, or anyone, to find out the truth about OE, or anything, would be to find out for yourself, firsthand. I hope you do. Thanks for letting me know about what’s said about me online. I always find it interesting. And often unbelievable that this is the kind of stuff people can make up.

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