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laini’s list of 9 – October 22, 23 & 24

Lots to do, lots to do, for me and for you! Actually, I have too much to do, which is why this is such a basic list. Anyone know of anyone who’d like to intern with me? It will be fun, fun, fun and includes getting to hang out with an awesome dog… and making the coolest list around. Enjoy your weekend!

1. Stoketoberfest

2. Doggie Days in Bethlehem

3. Scarecrowfest

4. Groove 2010 Conference

5. Eskandalo! 3rd Anniversary 80’s Party

6. 13th Street Fear Factory

7. YoYo Ma & Kathryn Stott at Zoellner

8. Peace Candle Auction

9. The Paintings of Native Pennsylvanian, Albert Serwazi