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“In the Life” Rocks Musikfest! (Take 3)

Jandee’s final (and amazing) post of her days (and nights) at Musikfest.

Words and photos by Jandee Weninger

This installment is devoted to some of the amazing music that the Lehigh Valley has to offer. I’m highlighting the local bands that have been playing the pubs, clubs and most beloved dive bars for the past 2 to 10 years.

The Insidious Rays (Matt Juknevic, Seth Juknevic, Mike Davidson and Jon Braun) played their final show Friday night after 10 years of rocking audiences all over the US. These guys created a family here in Bethlehem and changed the course of my and many other people’s lives. You can find these band members, their friends and family in most of the best local bands in the area. They like to mix and match. My pictures here are from their Musikfest show Friday evening. Follow this link to see them give their final, face-melting goodbye at their home pub, The Funhouse. We also would not have this next band without them.

Start Making Sense includes Jon Braun, Esme Montgomery, Brad Murray, Jesse Braun, Steve Brunette, Jon Fadem, Bill Melcher and returning from CA to play this show, Mike Davidson. This band does a phenomenal job of paying tribute to one of the most gifted bands of our time, The Talking Heads. Get your tickets now for their Concert Cruise in NYC this Thursday, August 19th. Get tickets here.

Finally the hardest working kids in the Lehigh Valley, the School of Rock – Easton, blew the audience away with covers of some monumental rock songs. I saw two guys running towards the tent yelling “there’s no way this kid is really gonna nail the solo in Free Bird!” Afterwards they walked back saying “wow, he totally did it!” Check them out here!