Important Information – Easton Pa Area

Just because you can’t fight city hall doesn’t mean you can’t call it once in a while. It’s always good to know how to reach municipal governments, police, and firefighters. Sure, you could use your phone book, but that’s much heavier than the pocket guide and not as fun as this website.

City of Easton

Easton Police Dept.
25 S. 3rd St., Easton, PA 18042
Emergency Calls:  Dial 911

Non-Emergency calls
for service: 610-330-2200

Switchboard:  610-250-6600

Traffic: 610-250-6642

Detective Division: 610-250-6635

Records: 610-250-6663

Crime Prevention: 610-250-6660

Fingerprinting: 610-250-6660

Neighborhood Policing:

Easton Fire Dept.

Central Fire Station

11 N. 6th Street

Easton, PA  18042

Chief: 610-250-6670

Deputy Chief: 610-250-6671

Duty Officer: 610-250-6672

Easton City Hall

Alpha Building Business
Center/City Hall
One South Third Street,
Easton, Pennsylvania 18042

Mayor’s Office: 610-250-6610
City Council: 610-250-6731
Fire Inspector: 610-250-6671
Health Adm.: 610-250-6729
Permits: 610-250-6724


Forks Township

Forks Township Fire Dept.

Emergency Squad

2016 Sullivan Trail

Municipal Office
1604 Sullivan Trail
Easton, PA. 18040


Palmer Township

Palmer Fire Dept.



Palmer Police Dept.

Emergency Squad

Suburban EMS
PO Box 3339
Palmer, PA 18045-3339


Municipal Office
3 Weller Place, PO Box 3039
Palmer, PA 18043


City of Phillipsburg

Phillipsburg Poice Dept.
675 Corliss Avenue

Phillipsburg, NJ 08865

Phone: 908-454-1121

Fax: 908-454-0243
Emergency Calls: Dial 911

Phillipsburg Fire Dept.

675 Corliss Avenue

Phillipsburg, NJ 08865

908-454-5500, Ext. 347

Emergency Squad

P.O. Box 215

360 Prospect St.

Phillipsburg, NJ 08865

Main: 908-859-5218

Fax: 908-859-2655

More Helpful Info

Easton Area Public Library
515 Church St., Easton, 610-258-2917
1 Weller Pl., Palmer, 610-258-7492

The mission of the Easton Area Public Library is to promote literacy, advance lifelong learning, and contribute to the development of
an active and informed community
of citizens.

Poison Control

American Association of Poison Control Centers

PA Road Conditions