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Found in the 400 block… of Northampton Street, that is.

Well, there aren’t any swimming pools or movie stars, but there ARE some real treasures. And they’re all legal.

By laini abraham

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When I tell people I work on the corner of 4th and Northampton Sts. in Easton, I can get some interesting responses. No, not THAT kind of work, but it is where my office is. They say things like “rough neighborhood, isn’t it?” and ask about criminal activity. Maybe it’s just me and my rose-colored glasses again (I really do wish they came in purple, too), but I see different things when I walk in the block between 4th and 5th. Today I’d like to share some of what I saw on Saturday morning. I think you may be a little surprised.

Information about business mentioned:  
A Vintage Home, 401 Northampton St., Easton
The Strand Salon & Boutique,
Island Taste West Indian Restaurant, 444 Northampton St., Easton
Full House, 428 Northampton St., Easton, 610-258-9330

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6 Responses


Did you eat that the Indian Restaurant? I’m a bit curious to try it out!


No, not yet, but I’ve heard good things about it. This Caribbean take-out is really great.


We’ve tried it… Good stuff!!! I love the woman who runs it… she goes to great pains to explain that it’s West Indian, encompassing all the flavors of the islands. We’ve also sampled the Jamaican place up the street… That’s a welcome addition, too. By the way, I love these photos!


Thanks for your comment, Theresa! And for the compliment. So glad you liked it. I haven’t been to the Jamaican place yet, but I’m glad to hear it’s good… will check it out soon.

I love the idea of this post. Many people drive to go shopping when they can walk and find much more interesting things.


Thanks, Chris! Yes, walking is good. My motto- These boots are made for walkin’…

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