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Lafayette College

Founded by the Citizens of Easton in 1826

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Little Walking Tour of Easton

Forget your car, this town was made for walkin’.

Our Left Bank: Phillipsburg

Pin ItPhillipsburg—on the Delaware River held steady as the western terminus of the Morris Canal for approximately 100 years, beginning in 1820. This connected the city by water to the industrial and consumer centers of the New York City area, with connections westward via the Lehigh Canal across the Delaware. At one time, Phillipsburg was […]

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From Dairies to Developments: A History of Forks

Forks Township became valued politically and economically as part of a ring of non-Moravian agricultural lands that provided necessary farm goods and trade items to the region.

Palmer Township: Our Western Frontier

In colonial times this area was commonly known as the “dry lands” and served as hunting grounds for the Penn family. It’s also where I grew up.

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A Little Pocket History of Easton

“The farther backward you can look, the farther forward you can see.”

Parking in Easton

Parking downtown is cheap and plentiful, and is legal unless otherwise marked.

Important Information – Easton Pa Area

Just because you can’t fight city hall doesn’t mean you can’t call it once in a while. It’s always good to know how to reach municipal governments, police, and firefighters. Sure, you could use your phone book, but that’s much heavier than the pocket guide and not as fun as this website.

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Centre Square is a Circle

And how to drive around it. So we can all get along.

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Directions to Easton

Now you won’t have any excuse not to visit. But be warned, lots of people who visit fall in love and never leave!

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