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Parking in Bethlehem

Garages, streets, parallel and diagonal… and even free!

Important Information – Bethlehem

Whether you’re new in town, just visiting or you’ve managed to lose your phone book, the following numbers can put you in touch with the people that solve all of life’s little emergencies. For reporting crimes, questioning a traffic ticket or finding out the hours of the local pool, let your fingers do the dialing.

Bethlehem Table of Contents

Interested in a sneak peak at the pocket guide to Bethlehem… here it is!

Parking in Easton

Parking downtown is cheap and plentiful, and is legal unless otherwise marked.

Important Information – Easton Pa Area

Just because you can’t fight city hall doesn’t mean you can’t call it once in a while. It’s always good to know how to reach municipal governments, police, and firefighters. Sure, you could use your phone book, but that’s much heavier than the pocket guide and not as fun as this website.