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Belated Birthday Post

Warning: These photos contain images which may inspire you to go eat NOW. If you do… enjoy!

By laini

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Anyone who knows me knows I like to celebrate my birthday for a week. What that means is I did not eat all of these things in one day!

My birthday was two weeks ago. So over the course of 3 days, I went out to eat… a LOT. This particular birthday weekend, I was able to sample a variety of meals in Bethlehem. One was a lunch. One was a dinner. And one was dessert. And it was only one dessert. I did not eat everything you see pictured. I swear.

Just one aside… I’m a vegetarian. Sometimes when I tell people I’m a vegetarian they say something like “That must be so hard. How do you eat?” So, I’ll ask you – does it look like it’s hard?

For more information about Bolete, see their listing in the pocket guide:

Stefano’s listing:

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Your Comments – YUMMMMMMMM!!!!! i want that salad NOW~~~~~~ The pizza too, and maybe a little sorbet! DELISH!!! Wish I could have celebrated your birthday with you!


Thanks, Wendz! I wish you could have been, too! Do you remember that Raggedy Ann doll?


I went to Vegan Treats the other day with all my boys. Can’t believe it had been my first time. Good stuff. And being a vegetarian isn’t that hard. People just don’t know…..


You have some lucky boys getting started at Vegan Treats already! Good mom!


Happy belated! Looks like you enjoyed your birthday week. Great food pics.


Thanks, Elena! Glad you like the pics. I really like shooting food… I think it’s because I really like food!

Your Comments
Ok so it’s 9:45 in the morning and I’m craving a salad and anything from Vegan Sweets (my favorite bakery) in Bethlehem.
Laini & Marsha,
Great web site…….and I like the variation in your blog. Fun to read!!!!

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