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After the Storm: Photos of Damage from the Halloween 2011 Snow Storm

Here are some photos of some of the damage I saw on a walk by the Bushkill Creek and up around Lafayette College this morning.

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By laini Abraham

This storm did an amazing amount of damage. There are trees and utility poles and wires down all over. Many people are still without electricity and some say they will not have power back until Wednesday. Please be careful if you encounter wires which are down.

If you’d like to share any damage that was done to your property, please feel free to post in the comments below. If you have photos you’d like to share, you can post them here.


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For some excellent power outage tips and information about where to go for shelter, please read this great post from our friends at What’s Cooking, Lehigh Valley?


Laini, thank you so much for the link. Most of the info so far is on shelters, however Met-Ed is stating that some customers may be without power until saturday morning. Any affected Met-Ed customer can go to either a Giant or a Redner’s market and get 2 bags of ice to help keep their food cold, and 4 gallons of spring water to drink. Remember – if you rely on a water purifier to keep your water safe, it probably isn’t working if you don’t have power.


My pleasure, Matty. Thank you for posting the water info. And that’s a good point about the water purifier, too.

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